David W. Rudlin

David W. Rudlin

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  • Tokyo, Japan.
A Tokyo-based executive, author and inveterate traveller with an unshakeable conviction that the secret to happiness is eating well.

Trump is running for his life.

2 min read
Trump’s latest obsession with the Mexican border has nothing to do with immigration.

Dear Deplorables, III.

2 min read
Are Trump voters happy with his decisions so far? Let’s think about it for a moment...

Where did all the money go?

3 min read
Once upon a time we paid for music.

The NRA isn’t about guns. It’s about money.

3 min read
On why we can’t have a sensible debate about improving gun safety in the United States.

The problem with tweeting “Wolf!”

2 min read
If Trump tweeted “North Korea readying NUKE attack on US!!!”, would you believe him? Would you start gathering canned goods and assembling the family in your basement fallout shelter?

Can we return our “big, beautiful Christmas present”?

3 min read
Trump called it the largest reduction in history. There’s no question that a lot of money delivered in a big box of tax cuts last Christmas was taken away from the Treasury and given to corporations, the rich, and the working class.

Just how dumb is he?

2 min read
Regular readers will know I consider Trump to be jaw-droppingly ignorant — and willfully so...
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