David W. Rudlin

David W. Rudlin

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  • Tokyo, Japan.
A Tokyo-based executive, author and inveterate traveller with an unshakeable conviction that the secret to happiness is eating well.

The Nunes memo is a disgrace. And it’s working.

3 min read
A former Trump transition team official writes a 4-page memo of 50–60 pages of classified information that he has not read.

Hillary blows it… again.

3 min read
Last week Hillary emerged from the woods to remind us how she lost the election to an ignorant, racist bozo who boasted on tape about getting away with sexual assault.

Why Trump will testify.

2 min read
It sounds insane. Trump says he’s “looking forward” to being interviewed by Special Counsel Bob Mueller, and his legal team has been negotiating for weeks to determine the conditions under which that might happen.

Dear Deplorables II

2 min read
Once again, lots of hardworking Americans will suffer so that Donald Trump can add another layer of gold to the seatbelts on his private jet.

The real cost of Amazon.

2 min read
Amazon had a good Thanksgiving weekend. And Jeff Bezos — already the richest man in the world — is even better off as a result. He’s now estimated to be worth a cool $100 billion. With a “b”.

Don the deal Dud.

1 min read
Whatever you think of Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the way he did it was a disaster.

Roy Moore. Leadership lost.

2 min read
The GOP has a problem. And its name is Roy Moore.
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