Dr Deepti Gurdasani

Dr Deepti Gurdasani

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Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology, Statistical Genetics, Machine Learning, Queen Mary University of London.

When do we say a nation has failed?

2 min read
The UK is failing, and failing badly. A nation where the Nolan Principles are long forgotten.

Fact-checking 6 myths about the Covid jabs for 12 to 15-year-olds.

7 min read
Time to debunk a few myths I have seen floating around the media regarding the vaccination of 12 to 15-year-olds.

Open letter to Gavin Williamson — England’s schools must be made safe.

9 min read
The lack of robust mitigation measures in schools puts children at greater risk of Covid-19 infection and its consequences. This open letter calls for robust mitigation measures to make schools safe.

Measures you can take to protect your children as schools return.

4 min read
We have been let down by those who were meant to look after us. Time to protect our young and our families together as schools return.

Why vaccines will not be the sole answer to COVID-19.

4 min read
Evidence shows the government’s vaccine-obsessed strategy is misguided. Eliminating the Delta variant cannot be achieved with vaccines only but together with mitigation.

Poorly designed study minimises long COVID in children.

6 min read
The problem with a severely flawed study that has been reported by mainstream media as fact. The end result: people suffering from long COVID are failed, children are failed, parents are failed, and everyone else is misled once again.

Why test rates are falling in the UK – A confused picture.

9 min read
Explaining the confusion and conflicting results around the current Covid-19 testing and cases. And why it is essential the government convey the importance of testing and not send the message that the pandemic is over.
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