Dmitry Grozoubinski

Dmitry Grozoubinski

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  • Geneva, Switzerland.
Former trade negotiator at the WTO and other places for Australia.

No-Deal Brexit and the “well-prepared UK”.

6 min read
A thorough analysis of Shanker Singham’s No-Deal Brexit piece in yesterday’s Sun. Or how to fact-check an article before ripping it to pieces. Sadly, people who need to won’t read this!

Why do these untruths get published again and again?

4 min read
Is every single British Conservative going to take turns writing the exact same article? It is honestly boring now. I know what I am going to read before I even click!

Deeply unconvincing Brexit report on UK ports by well-known ‘unbiased’ IEA.

4 min read
Former trade negotiator Dmitry Grozoubinski debunks the report released last week by the Institute of Economic Affairs on the effect of a “No-Deal” Brexit on UK ports.

Jacob Rees-Mogg and ERG’s Brexit proposal means jumping off the cliff edge.

2 min read
Dmitry Grozoubinski on the uttetly misleading ERG case against Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

OpenEurope’s report: A solid swing at what was an impossible pitch.

2 min read
Produce a forecast. Do not include what makes a No-Deal Brexit profoundly damaging for Britain. The result is a forecast that says that the impact of a No-Deal Brexit is negligible. Dmitry Grozoubinski explains.
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