Edwin Hayward

Edwin Hayward

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  • Cambridge, UK.
Has been Involved in the domain name industry since 1996. Currently writing a book about driverless cars. Graduated in IT. Has a keen interest in technology, futurism & the notion of the Singularity.

EU Settlement Scheme — There is vast potential for a ‘Windrush on steroids’.

2 min read
The utterly disturbing little Britain ‘thinking’ brilliantly described in this new thread by Edwin Hayward as ‘unconnected thinking’.

When Brexit gets real...

3 min read
A thread by Edwin Hayward definitely worth reading on how Brexit is already impacting people and businesses both in the UK and in the EU. Welcome to a Leave new world.

ERG’s Brexit plan: They intended an epic spectacle on a grand scale, you are like sitting at your grandmother’s kitchen table.

4 min read
Edwin Hayward has read the ERG’s Brexit proposal so you don’t have to. Here are his thoughts...
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