Eoin Bathurst

Eoin Bathurst

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  • Wiltshire, UK.
13 years of coaching, teaching, marketing, and training (often all four at once) has helped Eoin learn how essential it is to engage with people's views if one wishes to educate them.

People need to listen for their minds to be changed.

4 min read
We want to change people’s minds, but we aren’t teaching our activists how to do that. We have opportunities that are being lost time and time again.

Brexit was a binary choice that cannot be implemented.

3 min read
Brexit cannot be implemented because Leave voters don’t actually know what they want. Eoin Bathurst argues that since their decision to vote out was based on claims that have turned out to be wrong, we should now reverse this course of national self-harm before it is too late.

Theresa May can change her mind. Am I allowed to?

5 min read
Eoin from Wiltshire voted Leave in 2016. Having realised that the information voters were given at the time was incorrect and fraudulent, he has changed his mind. He is a Remainer now and he calls for a People’s Vote.
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