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Rebooting Franco-German cooperation.

5 min read
If the Franco-German tandem is to be saved, Paris should keep its more abrasive tendencies in check while Berlin needs to show real engagement in the bloc’s future.

Open Letter to Emmanuel Macron: Details matter for enlargement reform.

4 min read
In an open letter to French President Macron, Corina Stratulat and Milena Lazarevic agree that it is time for a renewed approach to EU enlargement towards the Balkans, but argue that Macron failed to provide a concrete way forward.

Brexit. “Most difficult and disappointing moment in my mandate, of course,” Juncker.

3 min read
Jean-Claude Juncker commenting on the outcomes of his journey at the office as president of the EU Commission.

Towards a no-deal Brexit in October.

7 min read
Choppy waters in the Channel and unsettling rumbling on the shorebanks.

Nicola Sturgeon: “We desire the option of taking our own place in Europe.”

3 min read
Scotland’s First Minister sets out vision for Scotland-EU relations beyond Brexit.

Brexit: Decoupling the Political Declaration.

3 min read
The European Council could agree the Political Declaration on a provisional basis, allowing the UK to catch up during the transition period. The Commons would not have to vote on the future relationship now, only on the Withdrawal Agreement, Andrew Duff writes.
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