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Evelyn Thomas

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  • Atlanta, Georgia, USA
A political junkie who created Eve's Politics, a digital news blog all about politics both domestic and international. And, an awesome person who cannot take a break from politics.

Millennials hold the key to the 2018 Midterms.

3 min read
With the elections being in the hands of a generation that is more diverse and more educated than previous generations, millennials can shape the future of America.

June, the month of doom: Donald Trump’s immigration saga.

3 min read
No child should be taken from the parents who are risking their lives to provide a better one for their offspring.

Iran nuclear deal and America’s foreign policy.

3 min read
When our allies have to question America’s commitment on agreements and when a nation burns our flag, the decorum displays America’s foreign policy headed in a terrible direction.

Blame the NRA. The national walkout and March for Our Lives.

3 min read
It’s disturbing when the greatest nation has become a nation where we have to worry about gun violence in our schools.

Georgia will lose Delta.

3 min read
Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle of Georgia threatened Delta Airlines, one of the states largest employer, because the airline ended their discount program for National Rifle Association members, of which Casey Cagle is himself a member.

Mass shooting in the U.S.: Blame the NRA.

3 min read
Fort Hood, Sandy Hook, Edmond, Austin, San Ysidro, Killeen, Las Vegas, San Bernardino, Virginia Tech, Columbine, Orlando, this is a starter list where mass shootings took place in America...

America survives 2017!

5 min read
Surviving 2017 was not just a miracle; it was the biggest accomplishment with Donald Trump in the Oval Office.
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