Fabian Zuleeg

Fabian Zuleeg

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  • Brussels, Belgium.
Chief Executive & Chief Economist, European Policy Centre. PhD on the political economy of EU accession from Edinburgh University.

The need for a longer transition.

5 min read
It is time to put political calculations aside. Under these extraordinary circumstances, an extension of the transition is an absolute must.

No good Brexit.

3 min read
Brexit day is finally here. But now comes the hardest part.

A more streamlined EU Commission structure.

3 min read
Fabian Zuleeg on ensuring that the European Commission maintains its ability to make decisions.

Extending Article 50: One step too far for the EU?

6 min read
An Article 50 extension beyond European Parliament election day has serious negative consequences for the EU27.

The last throw of the dice for the UK and the EU.

6 min read
Fabian Zuleeg looks for a way out of the current Brexit impasse by building on the existing deal, and argues that the only remaining option is to construct a centrist majority in the House of Commons.

The EU‘s ‘no deal’ strategic headache.

5 min read
With only 72 days to go before the UK leaves the Union, and with no deal in sight, all that the EU can do is make sure it is fully prepared for any outcome. Unity has proven to be the best recipe.

Welcoming back the prodigal son?

4 min read
According to Fabian Zuleeg, the EU27 will not be waiting with open arms if the UK changes its mind about Brexit.
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