George Magnus

George Magnus

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  • London, UK.
Economist, Author and Commentator. Associate at the China Centre, Oxford University, and adviser to some asset management companies. Former Chief Economist at UBS. Global macro, China, demography.

It’s ok to call the Chinese Communist Party to account.

5 min read
We should collaborate where we can with China when our interests are aligned, but trust relations have to work both ways, and right now China is deemed untrustworthy.

Covid-19 as metaphor for China’s economic development conundrum.

4 min read
So much on Covid-19, and why I think it has become a metaphor for China’s economic development conundrum. Forceful but brittle, secretive, and controlling governance.

As the 2020s dawn, China’s search for financial stability isn’t getting easier.

6 min read
China-watchers are paying close attention to the structural slowdown in China’s economy and the potential risks in China’s banking system.

Hong Kong is going to cost China.

5 min read
In which I take issue view that China clamping down on Hong Kong doesn’t matter that much economically, because it’s already a minnow. True, but not everything that counts can be counted, and Hong Kong still offers China significantly capital, clout and kudos.

Britain’s Huawei controversy has wider important significance.

4 min read
The UK-Huawei controversy is not unique and not only about who owns it. It is also about key questions of which Chinese companies we want to engage with, what they are, and on what terms? No room for UK government’s political kowtowing here.

Gavin Williamson’s gaffe.

7 min read
Economist George Magnus explains that Gavin Williamson’s gaffe last week, which torpedoed Philip Hammond’s China visit, was crass insensitivity to Britain’s naval and political role in China’s tortured history. All for Brexit global Britain.

The US-China trade truce is just an interlude.

4 min read
Main takeaways by Economist George Magnus on the US-China trade truce.
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