Greg Camp

Greg Camp

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  • Northwest Arkansas, USA.
Humanist and author of A Draft of Moonlight and The Willing Spirit who supports gay rights, #2a, #1a, science, and other seemingly incongruous things, writes for The Hoplite Magazine.

Presented with a prospect of a new Roaring Twenties, we must make a different choice.

4 min read
Regulation, progressive taxes, public education, and a social safety net are the means by which we create a sustainable economy that benefits all of us, Greg Camp argues.

War in the Middle East as a political tactic to save a failing presidency.

7 min read
Without the cooperation of people of good will at home and abroad, we face a disastrous war in the Middle East because Trump is desperate for something larger than impeachment as we approach the election.

The battle of the twenty-first century.

4 min read
The battle of the twenty-first century is a continuation of the last century’s fight, Greg Camp argues.

The continuing Republican criminalization of women.

4 min read
Republicans have confirmed the absurdities to which they will go if given free rein.

Evo Morales — A sign of where socialism needs to head.

4 min read
A movement needs periodic new leadership to remind both leaders and the people who is in charge.

The United States and moral leadership on human rights.

4 min read
All too often, we have been hypocrites about this, preaching rights and progress to popular movements and allowing them to be beaten down, but now and then, we make history out of our fiction.

Killing of ISIS leader is not enough to end terrorism.

4 min read
If we really want to end terrorism, it is time for an approach that works.
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