Dr Helen De Cruz

Dr Helen De Cruz

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  • St Louis, Missouri, USA.
Belgian philosopher. Danforth Chair in the Humanities at Saint Louis University. Specialises in philosophy of religion, experimental philosophy, and philosophy of cognitive science.

Why blue passports are such a big deal: Hannah Arendt and the mass psychology of Brexit.

5 min read
Think about the Leave voters and what unites them. Are they people genuinely united by a common passion? A new-found desire for blue passports? A patriotism for a golden UK that never existed? Or are they more of an amorphous mass?

The problem of providing affordable healthcare.

2 min read
Dr Helen de Cruz on comparing healthcare systems in four different countries — and why is the American system so complicated?

What does it take for a country to come together?

3 min read
On reconciliation and what it would mean for a country to come together after an acrimonious, difficult situation. I am talking about the EU Referendum and Boris Johnson’s calls for reconciliation and Justin Welby’s calls for reconnection.

Why the charges of “now you care” against EU citizens are misguided.

4 min read
Someone said that EU citizens living in the UK did not care about citizens’ rights until it personally affected them. Since I have heard this charge of narrow self-interest before (the “Oh now you care” charge), let me respond in this piece.

Conservatives are ending Freedom of Movement to return to an immigration for the elites.

4 min read
Dr Helen de Cruz on why Priti Patel and the Brexiters wants to end Freedom of Movement for EU citizens, and what it means for the Brits’ fundamental right to live, work and retire anywhere in Europe.

Church of England lacks moral authority and independence to head citizen assembly.

3 min read
The Church I am a member of, the Church of England, continues to disappoint, Dr Helen de Cruz writes.

The cavalry isn’t coming — The British can only save themselves from Brexit.

4 min read
If anything is to happen, whether it is for Brexit to be stopped or reversed, it’s really only down to the British voters, Dr Helen de Cruz argues.
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