Dr Holger Hestermeyer

Dr Holger Hestermeyer

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  • London, England.
Reader of The Shell Lectureship in Intl Dispute Resolution. School of Law, King's College London.

What does a Biden administration mean for Brexit Britain?

4 min read
Dr Holger Hestermeyer’s optimistic assessment of the Brexit situation now that Joe Biden has won the US Election.

No dynamic alignment vs remain aligned.

3 min read
Useful fact-checking thread by an expert responding to journalist Andrew Neil’s tweet that some Member States may be trying to force the UK into a dynamic alignment so the EU can impose future new rules to Britain.

The story of the Hamburg Free Port and why it was abolished.

3 min read
As we are discussing Free Ports: Let me tell you the story of the Hamburg Free Port. Der Hamburger Freihafen.

Why MPs taking charge of the Commons timetable is not a “dangerous, unpredictable precedent”.

3 min read
Holger Hestermeyer on why, contrary to what government claims, it is quite normal for parliament in other countries, not the executive, to decide what it debates.

Debunking more Brexiters’ WTO unicorns.

5 min read
Does WTO law allow us to go without tariffs in the UK/EU relationship for 10 years, to give us time to negotiate a free trade agreement? Professor Holger Hestermeyer disproves the Brexiters’ claim.
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