Professor Ian Lamont Boyd

Professor Ian Lamont Boyd

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  • London, UK.
Professor of Biology, University of St Andrews. Zoologist, environmental and polar scientist, former Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

Coronavirus: Five reasons to feel optimistic.

4 min read
Turning COVID-19 into a political issue doesn’t help the public’s understanding of the disease and what needs to be done. Good things are happening we should feel optimistic about.

The UK must get real about coronavirus exit strategy prospects.

4 min read
The UK has acted tactically to avert disaster – the basic problem has not been solved and there is no exit in sight. But there is a long-term prospect of things changing for the better.

Coronavirus: Former member of SAGE explains how the science advisory group really works.

5 min read
In my time as a chief scientific adviser in government, I experienced many SAGEs and chaired a few of them. Here, I explain what happens behind those doors and why they need to remain closed – at least initially.
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