James M. Dorsey

James M. Dorsey

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Co-director Institute for fan-culture (Würzburg & Köln). Senior fellow at S. Rajaratnam School of Int. Studies (Singapore). Award-winning, veteran journalist who covered ethnic & religious conflicts.

Islamophobia: A fungible prop for Muslim religious soft power.

4 min read
Think the Muslim world is united in opposing Islamophobia? Think twice.

US-China rivalry: Gulf states struggle to hedge their bets.

4 min read
The Trump administration’s quest to curb relationships between its allies in the Middle East and China offers a preview of how big power rivalry in the region is likely to unfold. It also suggests the limits on the United States’ ability to reduce its commitment to regional security.

The emerging new world order’s alarm bells.

5 min read
How some world leaders, by enabling abuse of human, minority and refugee rights, facilitate the erosion of the norms of debate and mainstream hate speech.

Shaping the new world order: The battle for human rights.

6 min read
China is leading the charge in a bid to undermine accepted concepts of human rights accountability and justice.

The rise of Eurasia: Geopolitical advantages and historic pitfalls.

6 min read
Asian players are proving to be conceptually and bureaucratically better positioned in the 21st century’s Great Game that involves tectonic geopolitical shifts with the emergence of what former Portuguese Europe minister Bruno Macaes terms the fusion of Europe and Asia into a “supercontinent.”

Turkey plays Khashoggi crisis to its geopolitical advantage.

6 min read
What Turkey could get out of allowing Saudi Arabia to find a “way out” in the Khashoggi case.

Attack in Iran raises spectre of a potentially far larger conflagration.

6 min read
An attack on a military parade in Iran is likely to prompt Iranian retaliation against opposition groups at home and abroad. It also deepens Iranian fears that the United States, Saudi Arabia and others may seek to destabilize the country.
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