Dr Jen O’Ryan

Dr Jen O’Ryan

Total 3 Posts
  • Greater Seattle Area, WA, USA.
PhD in Human Behavior, specializing in gender & sexual orientation. She provides training & resources to organizations on developing their inclusion strategies. She helps parents & LGBTQ children.

How to support the transgender and non-binary kids in your life.

2 min read
Our support is critical to shaping kids' future development and well-being.

5 ways to face down the predators in our midst.

3 min read
While our first instinct might be to lunge at the predator, try this instead.

They, she, ze, he… Revisiting why pronouns matter.

2 min read
We’ve been socialized to use gender as a filter when attributing traits, aptitude, and expected behaviors. Pink and blue paths tell the world how to treat us, and how we should interpret ourselves in society. Dr Jen O'Ryan argues it is now time to revisit personal pronouns.
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