Dr Jeremy Rossman

Dr Jeremy Rossman

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  • Canterbury, UK.
Honorary Senior Lecturer in Virology, University of Kent. Collaborative interdisciplinary research on the molecular biology of Ebola and influenza viruses, international epidemic responses...

Herd immunity in Europe – Are we close?

4 min read
Waiting for herd immunity would cause hundreds of thousands of additional deaths.

Coronavirus: Is the R number still useful?

4 min read
R is still useful for public health. Independent SAGE argues that R can be misleading and the government shouldn’t rely so heavily on this one metric for determining policy.

Coronavirus: Four issues that have limited testing in the UK.

5 min read
There is spare testing capacity. Why is it not being used?

Coronavirus linked to rare inflammatory disease in children – Here is what we know.

3 min read
Case numbers are very low, but parents should be alert for symptoms.

Coronavirus: Many patients reporting neurological symptoms.

3 min read
One way the novel coronavirus might enter the brain is through the olfactory nerves in the nose.

Coronavirus: Why is Germany’s fatality rate so low?

4 min read
The low fatality rate in Germany is not just a matter of the number of tests, but also how the government has acted on the data.
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