Dr Jeremy Rossman

Dr Jeremy Rossman

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  • Canterbury, UK.
Honorary Senior Lecturer in Virology, University of Kent. Collaborative interdisciplinary research on the molecular biology of Ebola and influenza viruses, international epidemic responses...

Coronavirus: Will the UK really have the highest death toll in Europe, as a US study suggests?

4 min read
We like being able to quantify things and it is easier to convince people of the importance of physical distancing if we can say that it will save 236,000 lives, even if this may not end up being the actual number.

Coronavirus: What the 2009 swine flu pandemic can tell us about the weeks to come.

8 min read
Modelling highlights the urgent need for strong interventions. The later we act to reduce coronavirus’ replication number, the greater the cost in illness and death.

Will warmer weather stop the spread of coronavirus?

3 min read
With spring fast approaching, is there a chance for the spread of Covid-19 to finally stop? Don’t count on it, says a virologist.

Coronavirus: Can herd immunity really protect us?

4 min read
Letting the virus ‘pass through the community’ is not a good public health strategy.
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