Jim Cornelius

Jim Cornelius

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  • Lewes, East Sussex, UK.
Remainiac. Save us from Brexit and Trump and a world of stupidity. Corbyn isn’t the answer!

Debunking Henry Bolton’s fantasy Brexit.

8 min read
A comprehensive answer, backed with facts, to a Brexiter — characteristically full of rhetoric and very light on detail — and his absurd claim that a No-Deal Brexit means everything becomes cheaper.

Open Letter to MPs — Don’t believe Tim Martin’s nonsense on tariffs.

9 min read
A brilliant fact-based response to Tim Martin’s recent letter to MPs and his ridiculous claims about EU protectionism and tariffs.

Tariff ‘experts’: Incompetence or design?

6 min read
This week, Jim Cornelius has another go at fact-checking so-called tariff ‘experts’ who write about tariffs and oranges.

Real knowledge is to know the extent of a Brexiter’s ignorance.

4 min read
Unveiling the ignorance of so-called tariff experts — and why we should ignore them.
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