J.N. PAQUET • Editor of PMP Magazine.

J.N. PAQUET • Editor of PMP Magazine.

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  • London, UK
Editor of PMP Magazine • British Author & Journalist • Proud Celt ☘️ • Book: www.TheBrexitBook.com

What Boris Johnson actually said about the NHS...

4 min read
Actions speak louder than words, they say. Not when your name is Boris Johnson it seems.

Is Nigel Farage about to lose Brexit altogether?

4 min read
Nigel Farage could end up losing everything: his political credibility, any sense of leadership of the Brexit movement and maybe losing Brexit altogether.

The ‘empty chair’ treatment.

4 min read
Yes, holding the powerful to account sometimes means showing an empty chair to a TV audience to challenge them. But a publicity stunt does nothing to help voters trust political journalism.

Nigel Farage’s business is to oppose, and ultimately make the Tories fail to deliver Brexit.

4 min read
Why the Ultra-Brexiters are now fighting against Brexiter PM Boris Johnson, and why they are ready to risk the whole Brexit project so close to the finishing line.

Do or die, come what may, we are NOT leaving on 31 October.

6 min read
They told you it would definitely happen using every media you can think of. But in today’s unpredictable politics there is one thing you can be sure of: Do or die, come what may, we are NOT leaving on 31 October.

Has Boris Johnson found a ditch yet?

5 min read
Humiliated by Parliament, Boris Johnson did eventually send the letter seeking an extension to the Article 50 process as demanded by the Benn Act. By doing so, has Boris Johnson not signed his own act of surrender?

Divide and rule Britannia.

27 min read
The current narrative is “We live in a very divided Britain.” The truth is: it is all part of a strategy where media, politicians and social media combined their efforts to create a smoke-screen to cover their hidden agenda on Brexit, Windrush, immigration, money and power...
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