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Clickbait sensationalism about geopolitics, politics, and culture. Aussie-American.

Freedom of speech — Conditions apply.

3 min read
The 2018 White House Correspondents Dinner proves that we all love free speech, when we agree with what is said.

How is Russia so dangerous with an economy smaller than Italy’s?

11 min read
Thirty years ago, Moscow’s military was stationed from Afghanistan to East Germany, guarding the Russian-led Soviet Union and its military allies...

Is Jeremy Corbyn a former Soviet spy?

4 min read
The British opposition leader’s connection to Czech intelligence has given Britain its very own Russiagate.

We pay for our own surveillance, police our own words, and track our own movement.

3 min read
The government doesn’t need to implement a surveillance state if social media and private companies provide one already.

Dear white nationalists; define white.

3 min read
The idea of whiteness in the US largely originated from two things; the Christian borders of Europe, and the visual contrast between Europeans and sub-Saharan Africans brought over as slaves.

Does anyone else remember crack-smoking mayor Robert Ford?

3 min read
The former Mayor of Toronto revealed how one could survive scandal and political gridlock, so long as he did it his way.

Senator Franken will eventually be forced to resign.

2 min read
Senator Al Franken returned to work on Monday, after apologising for sexual misconduct against multiple women. Vowing to regain the public’s trust in him, Franken stated that “this will never happen again.”
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