Jon Danzig

Jon Danzig

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An investigative journalist with special interests in health, human rights and the European Union.

Where is your oven-ready deal, Mr Johnson?

3 min read
October is the deadline for a Brexit deal to be concluded with the European Union. Comprehensive trade deals usually take years, not weeks.

Nigel Farage travels in luxury to spy on how desperate refugees are being accommodated.

2 min read
Vigilante videos against desperate people. What’s next?

Yellowhammer: No-deal hammered home.

2 min read
Last year’s Yellowhammer report revealed that a no-deal Brexit would result in rising food and fuel prices, shortage of medicines and public disorder. That was before we knew about Covid-19. Why on earth are we doing this?

Refugees are not migrants or illegal.

4 min read
Nobody risks their lives across treacherous waters in unsuitable and unsafe boats unless they are deeply distressed and determined, with nothing left to lose.

Nonsense about New Zealand trade deal.

3 min read
What can we sell to New Zealand that we couldn’t before?
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