Jon Worth

Jon Worth

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  • Berlin, Germany.
EU affairs writer and blogger. EU citizen with a UK passport. Member @die_Gruenen in Kreuzberg. Teaches @CollegeofEurope. Still blogging about EU, DE, UK and #Brexit.

A pro-Brexit pact, or a Remain Alliance? What might happen in a General Election?

6 min read
The framework of Jon Worth’s thinking of how a General Election could work out.

The transition period does not simply delay the negative consequences of Brexit – it amplifies them.

5 min read
In light of this week’s agreement on transition, it looks pretty grim regarding Ireland, trade, and... no-one has thought of all the consequences!

Lemons and landing rights.

5 min read
The UK’s relations with the rest of the world, post-Brexit, is the issue that cannot be kicked into the transition period.

Brexit: The UK Government is not even trying.

4 min read
Set all the emotive headlines to one side. Today’s Brexit developments ultimately show one thing β€” that the UK government is no longer even trying to do Brexit.

Transnational Lists: A small step towards a more democratic EU.

4 min read
What should the EU do with the 73 seats in the European Parliament left vacant after Brexit? Create transnational lists, Jon Worth argues.

UK, Remain in the EU. Even now. This is about people’s everyday lives.

6 min read
Jon Worth on why Brexit ultimately remains a catastrophic idea and must be stopped. Because of a misguided decision, millions of lives in the UK and in the EU are now facing years of complex and costly consequences.
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