Julie Owen Moylan

Julie Owen Moylan

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  • Cardiff, Wales, UK
Writer of both fiction and non-fiction. Welsh feminist. Gin lover. Cake maker, twitter ranter and proud European citizen.

#Tweetspotting: Brexit Britain... Going well... really!

1 min read
As Brexit happened just a week ago today, Julie Owen Moylan listed some of the most significant changes that took place in Brexit Britain since the UK left the EU last Friday. Brexit is going well indeed...

To fly, or not to fly, is that the Brexit question?

11 min read
The Government may want to pretend that a No Deal Brexit will be perfectly fine and the Leavers may want to pretend that Turnip Porridge is delicious, but the fact is that our economy would simply be catastrophically damaged by a No Deal Brexit.

Brexit: A tale of lost hope.

5 min read
What happens to a country that loses hope? Nothing good in the short term. What about in the long term?

The Great British dream: Lions or liars?

5 min read
It speaks volumes about the quality of our politicians in Party Conference season that rugby player Scott Baldwin’s petting of a Lion is not the greatest act of self-harm we have witnessed this week.

Macron has a European dream and we are having a Brexit nightmare.

5 min read
There are times when a political leader makes a speech and just for a brief moment, a veil is drawn back, and you get a tantalising glimpse of the future. So it is with Macron’s Dream of Europe speech.

Brexit. Don’t make me go to the promised land!

5 min read
So far both Tories and Labour have agreed on one thing. Neither of them has a clue as to how to make Brexit actually work without breaking every single thing we care about.
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