Dr Katy Hayward

Dr Katy Hayward

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  • Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Queen’s University Belfast, with 20 years’ research experience on the impact of the EU on the Irish border and peace process. Author of over 100 publications.

Are we listening to Irish border region residents on complexities and sensitivities involved in Brexit?

3 min read
There is a lot of noise regarding Brexit and Northern Ireland right now. No need to add to that – but it is worth pausing to listen to what those in the region most affected are saying.

Brexit and the Irish border.

2 min read
A ‘Greatest Hits’ collection of slides on Brexit and the Irish border for those covering the topic in the weeks to come and who might value a few prompt cards.

Where the UK’s Brexit plan (and Customs Bill) leave Northern Ireland.

5 min read
Is the UK’s Brexit plan enough to avoid a hard Irish border?

Good Friday Agreement at 20: Who really cares about Northern Ireland?

4 min read
Last week marks the 20th anniversary of the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement. Dr Katy Hayward considers the current debate about whether Brexit is a threat to peace and stability in Northern Ireland.
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