Laura Shields

Laura Shields

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  • Brussels, Belgium.
Communications consultant who lives in Brussels and works in 20 European countries. She hates Brexit and currently helps out with press for 'British in Europe'.

Another massive let-down for British citizens in Europe.

3 min read
The UK government could just do the right thing and commit to funding healthcare for 180,000 pensioners, disabled people, students and posted workers living in the EU27 indefinitely. But it won’t, Laura Shields writes.

Brexiters lied about citizens’ rights.

7 min read
Laura Shields on democracy and the information that underpins our electoral decision making. Questioning politicians who felt they needed to lie to the electorate on an industrial scale.

European Commission under fire from Brits in EU27.

2 min read
The European Commission has come under fire from British citizens living in the EU27 after having been left out of the Brexit legal advice scheme.

We need to talk about my friend Dave.

3 min read
A thread by Laura Shields on how Brexit will prevent young Brits from taking advantage of countless opportunities in Europe.
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