Dr Luke Reader

Dr Luke Reader

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  • Shaker Heights, Ohio, USA.
Teaching Fellow, Department of History, Case Western Reserve University. A frequent contributor to The Conversation and History News Network. Currently writing a book on Brexit: "It's Not EU, It's Me"

Woodward’s book is a damning indictment – but not of the US president.

4 min read
I teach seminars on democracy in an age of populism at a major university in the American Midwest. Bob Woodward has just made my job that little bit harder.

The exceptional nation?

4 min read
Donald Trump’s announcement that federal forces will occupy American cities should lay the tiresome myth of the United States as an ‘exceptional nation’ to rest.

Johnson and chums really are the worst.

2 min read
A brilliant thread by Luke Reader on what post-Brexit economic planning looks like — at the top of which is a Singapore-on-Thames free for all.
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