Dr Magdalena Frennhoff Larsén

Dr Magdalena Frennhoff Larsén

Total 3 Posts
  • London, UK.
Lecturer in Politics, University of Westminster. Main research interests are EU policy-making, EU external relations, trade policy, development policy, and international institutions and negotiations.

Brexit countdown: Is it even possible to ratify a deal before the 31 December deadline?

5 min read
The ratification process on a trade deal usually takes months or even years, so can it be done for Brexit in a matter of days?

Brexit: As the deadline looms, why are negotiations stalling?

5 min read
Trade deals are usually about breaking down barriers. This one is about putting them up.

Brexit — What will the EU’s next move be?

4 min read
All the drama has played out in the UK lately – with very little regard for whether any of the options under discussion would be acceptable to the EU.
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