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Maike Bohn

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  • England, UK.
Maike Bohn is a EU citizen with a German passport, living in England. Founding member and spokeswoman of the3million, education expert, consultant. She writes about EU citizens in the UK.

Overwhelming victory for a physical proof of their status for EU citizens at the House of Lords.

3 min read
On Monday, our campaign to ensure that EU citizens living in the UK receive physical proof of their status achieved its greatest victory yet.

Do you value EU citizens and equal access to rights?

5 min read
EU citizens soon will no longer be able to prove their rights simply by showing a document. Give 3.7 million EU citizens physical proof of their right to live and work in the UK.

Getting ready for the immigration bill.

3 min read
The3million gearing up for the immigration bill, and helping EU citizens with Covid-19.

Coronavirus reminds us that we are all human, with the same worries, needs, and hopes.

3 min read
the3million on the This Is Our Home tour and how EU citizens and their families face uncertainty again with the Coronavirus.

First days of an uncertain future for the 5 million.

3 min read
On the first days of Brexit, the3million has some good news on voting rights for EU citizens in the UK and shows unity with the Brits in Europe.

By not allowing full Freedom of Movement Theresa May will create two classes of EU citizens.

2 min read
Theresa May’s refusal to accept full freedom of movement during any transition period is ‘red meat’ for hard Brexit supporters but will open an administrative can of worms that spells chaos for the three million EU citizens already here plus any newcomers.
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