Dr Matthew Cole

Dr Matthew Cole

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  • Birmingham, UK.
Teaching Fellow, Department of History, at the University of Birmingham. Historian of modern Britain with a particular interest in 20th century constitutional and party politics, and local history.

A-level results: Confusion is the result of months of inertia and years of policy.

4 min read
Ministers should have seen this exam results fiasco coming.

Could the Dominic Cummings affair damage Boris Johnson in the long term? Here’s what history tells us.

4 min read
The lack of remorse from either the prime minister or his adviser could be their undoing.

Boris Johnson to seek UK general election – but purging his party of rebels changes the rules of the game.

3 min read
An election is on the near horizon and the Conservatives are best placed to win. But that doesn’t mean they will be popular.

Is anyone really going to buy Boris Johnson’s ‘people vs. the politicians’ election campaign?

4 min read
Presenting himself as a man of the people is a major gamble for this prime minister.

Boris Johnson’s majority cut to one as UK Conservatives lose Brecon and Radnorshire by-election.

4 min read
The Remain Alliance is excited but, given the odd circumstances of this campaign, the Conservatives could have done a lot worse.

Back in business – but are the Liberal Democrats back for good?

4 min read
How the resurgent party can learn from the mistakes of the past to keep growing.

How Brexit brought Britain’s constitution to the brink.

4 min read
How parliament and executive came to be locked in their Brexit impasse.
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