Professor Matthew Flinders

Professor Matthew Flinders

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  • Sheffield, UK.
Professor of Parliamentary Government & Governance, University of Sheffield. Founding Director of the Sir Bernard Crick Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics, University of Sheffield.

Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson have lost control of the fear factor.

5 min read
Fear is actually an important element of a government’s toolbox but once you lose control of it, you can’t get it back with ease.

Coronavirus blame games – Who really benefits?

5 min read
Politicians have a tendency to dodge accountability after crises, but our ‘gotcha’ culture makes that inevitable. We can all do better this time.

How Boris Johnson’s Conservatives swept to election victory in Labour heartlands.

4 min read
The general election 2019 has delivered a seismic shift in the balance of British politics.

This is what populism looks like when done by the British.

5 min read
Both main campaigns are focusing on the enemy, not the plan, in part, because the British political system hasn’t caught up with societal changes.

Boris Johnson could be more in control than he seems.

4 min read
The humiliation of asking for a Brexit extension could be a price worth paying to get an election.

Brexit: How Boris Johnson could turn Supreme Court defeat into a victory.

4 min read
His prorogation was ruled unlawful, but that won’t stop the prime minister playing the populist card.

John Bercow bows out — A speaker who defended parliament and transformed the role.

5 min read
A strong speaker is never going to win friends. Bercow had a different goal.
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