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Maurizio Bragagni

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Father of 4, industrialist, entrepreneur. CEO of @Tratos, @eShareLife Chairman, Co-founder of YouStayUk. MBA from @cass_ulumni. Writing about innovation and politics.

Open Letter to MPs — The best for the country has to be the first priority. That isn’t No Deal.

6 min read
Letter sent to all Westminster elected Members of Parliament by Maurizio Bragagni, CEO of cable manufacturer Tratos, in which he argues a No-Deal Brexit is not an option.

Cold blooded Communism and hot-tempered hatred.

6 min read
Neither should be seriously countenanced for success and wellbeing.

The dawn of the Economy of the mind: The Ether Economy.

14 min read
A new economy is coming. We know it’s coming... but we can’t exactly see it coming.

The power of the disruptive and the unpredictable Chancellor’s 2017 budget.🔷

3 min read
The chancellor’s budget covered all that was expected. From the government’s plans for the housing market, the U.K.’s productivity — and its impact on the economy and wages, to health and social care, welfare and transport including driverless cars and discounted train travel.

Rabbits and hats for multi-tasker May.🔷

2 min read
It has to be the multi-tasking challenge of all time. Theresa May will attempt to pull off Brexit transition timing and an EU trade deal simultaneously. A challenge all by itself, but isn't she also running a country?

Why are we ignoring the solution to better cable safety?🔷

12 min read
Britain has just witnessed one of the most shocking failures in Building Safety and the likely cause is the UK’s current building procedure. What happened isn’t a random incident and, as subsequent product testing has revealed, it could happen again.
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