Michael Wake

Michael Wake

Total 3 Posts
  • Southampton, UK.
A 22-year-old writer living in Southampton - Writes about politics, the Labour Party, mental health, and a whole host of sports.

Don’t hold your breath on another snap election.🔷

4 min read
Many are pondering the simple question, when will the next general election take place? Due to the chaotic times at hand, many believe another early election is inevitable, and could well be next year. It’s easy to see why.

The issue of graduate depression.🔷

5 min read
Everyone focuses on mental health at University, but no one really focuses on the mental health of students after they have graduated.

New Labour: Because Blair deserves better.🔷

3 min read
Tony Blair deserves better, and so does New Labour. New Labour did incredible things. New Labour rebuilt Britain and made it prosperous and progressive again after 18 years of Conservative rule.
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