Michael Way

Michael Way

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  • Richmond, Virginia, USA
Freelance political analyst, photographer, and former comedian.

US-Russia investigation: The day the music died.🔷

1 min read
Releasing the Papadopoulos filing on the same day as the Manafort indictment was a tactical masterstroke by Mueller.

Careless whispers.🔷

2 min read
As James Comey was the only person who could credibly “clear” Hillary Clinton in July 2016, Robert Mueller is the only human being on earth who can definitively establish the president’s innocence and that of his campaign.

Trump trembles. This is what revolution looks like.🔷

14 min read
Change IS coming. Something seismic is occurring within the Republican Party. A hope-worthy schism is occurring and potentially heroic figures are beginning to distinguish themselves. What we have been seeing the last few weeks is how revolutions start.
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