Mike Galsworthy

Mike Galsworthy

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  • London, UK.
Founder of @Scientists4EU and @NHSvBrexit. Tweets EU & UK science policy, Brexit, health policy, NHS. Periscope: https://www.pscp.tv/mikegalsworthy

Help rebuild SODEM to stop Brexit.

1 min read
SODEM was smashed up after the ex-English Defence League leader was sentence to nine months in jail over contempt of court.

Bin the Brexit vanity project!

1 min read
As the new Prime Minister arrives, Mike Galsworthy explains how Remainers can hit him with a petition saying ‘Bin the Brexit vanity project!’

They rebranded UKIP as ‘Brexit Party’ and still lost out to Remain.

1 min read
Mike Galsworthy analysis on the European Elections. How the Brexit Party is very far from being the big winner they claim to be.

Forget about Theresa May’s tears. Let’s talk about #DeniedMyVote instead!

1 min read
Mike Galsworthy explains why we should forget about Theresa May’s tears for herself and why the real story is the #DeniedMyVote scandal where EU citizens were denied their votes in the European Elections in the UK.

Remainers, don’t worry about Farage.

1 min read
Mike Galsworthy on how to handle Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party in the European Elections, and why he is less bothered than you may think.

A disingenuous, unprofessional and propagandist response to the ‘Stop Brexit’ petition.

3 min read
Mike Galsworthy on the Government’s recent response to the “Halt Brexit for a public inquiry” petition.

Revoke Article 50 petition — A beautiful and unique data campaigning tool.

1 min read
Mike Galsworthy on why the Revoke Article 50 petition is an incredible and unique, new local data campaigning tool, and why everyone must keep signing and sharing it.
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