Mike Selinker

Mike Selinker

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  • Seattle, Washington, USA.
Game designer, puzzlecrafter, author, and president of Seattle's Lone Shark Games. His puzzles and game articles frequently appear in Games Magazine, The New York Times, and The Chicago Tribune.

If Trump is not indicted because he cannot be, he should be.

7 min read
Robert Mueller speaks volumes. Two of them. Mike Selinker on Robert Mueller’s conclusions about President Trump.

No one wants to go to war with Iran. We’re going anyway.

7 min read
A little tale about dinner in Abilene and the Trump Administration’s Iran policy.

How Theresa May’s war of attrition killed everyone.

9 min read
Europe, they just cannot quit you. Someday, when I’m old and gray(er), I’ll be able to tell the unbelieving youth that there was a time the UK lost its fool mind, but it got it back in time.

Trump will always blink.

6 min read
With Donald Trump, don’t turn your back, don’t look away, and don’t blink. Part 28 of a series on game theory and politics, this one focusing on Trump’s shutdown debacle.

A candidate’s guide to winning the rock-paper-scissors primary.

6 min read
With lizards, but no Spock. A look at the crowded field of Democrats running for president in 2020. Part 27 of a series on game theory and politics.

Game-changer: How Democrats won the Kavanaugh war by losing the battle.

5 min read
Congratulations, Republicans! You’ve gotten Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court! His face will always be associated with your victory. His ragey, hateful, perjuring, conspiratorial face. You’re him now. That vote to confirm Kavanaugh will work in Democrats’ favor, and eventually America’s as well.

Seizing children is good policy (if you’re a complete monster).

5 min read
A look at the Trump policy of separating migrant families. Part eighteen of a series of articles on game theory and politics.
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