Monique Hawkins

Monique Hawkins

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  • UK.
Volunteer advocate for the3million & British In Europe. Pro-all Dutch to be able to have dual nationality. Pro-proportional representation.

Citizens’ rights are changing. Are you ready?

5 min read
Less than 100 days until the Settled Status deadline for EU Citizens. What is changing on 1 July 2021?

The proposed immigration system will inflict untold damage.

7 min read
Monique Hawkins, on behalf of the3million, expresses their concerns about the lack of a legal safety net and physical proof of Settled Status for EU citizens in Britain.

Citizens’ Rights – the dishonesty around Free Movement is Brexit in a nutshell.

9 min read
How the rights of the 3 million EU citizens in the UK and the British citizens in the EU27 were mere collateral damage from Theresa May’s obsession to end free movement ‘once and for all’.
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