Professor Natasha Lindstaedt

Professor Natasha Lindstaedt

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  • Colchester, UK.
Deputy Dean & Professor, Department of Government, University of Essex. Teaching International Relations & Comparative Politics.

Donald Trump takes leaf out of autocrat playbook by falsely declaring victory before all votes be counted.

4 min read
By falsely declaring victory in the US Election before all votes be counted, Donald Trump takes leaf out of autocrat playbook. Dr Natasha Lindstaedt explains that, indeed, prematurely declaring election victory is a hallmark of non-democratic regimes.

Kanye for president: The dangerous allure of the celebrity politician.

4 min read
From wrestlers to movie stars, celebrities have risen to some of the highest political offices around the world. What makes them so appealing?

US House condemns Donald Trump’s racist tweets – Why his language is so dangerous.

4 min read
President Donald Trump has appealed to his base by attacking four Democratic Congresswomen of colour. His racist tweets also have global ramifications.
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