Nicolas Hatton

Nicolas Hatton

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  • Bristol, UK
Founder of the3million to protect #citizensrights

The need for a physical proof of our immigration status.

3 min read
After 31 December, EU citizens will become the only group of foreign residents in the UK with a digital-only immigration status and no backup option of physical proof.

EU citizens and local elections.

3 min read
The latest on voting rights in English 2021 local elections confirmed, Priti Patel confuses Settled Status and Citizenship, and the new immigration rules starting next January.

Coronavirus reminds us that we are all human, with the same worries, needs, and hopes.

3 min read
the3million on the This Is Our Home tour and how EU citizens and their families face uncertainty again with the Coronavirus.

This is our home.

4 min read
the3million is launching the β€˜This is our home UK tour’ to discuss citizens’ rights and share experiences.

Life after Brexit: Plus Γ§a change...

4 min read
Plus Γ§a change, plus c’est la mΓͺme chose, wrote Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr in January 1849. The expression has become known worldwide for immutability and expresses precisely the current situation EU citizens are in.

Open Letter to Home Office β€” Required documents for EU citizens travelling to UK from 2021.

3 min read
Yesterday we wrote to the Home Office to enquire about how EU citizens will evidence their right to reside in the UK at borders and airport gates when returning from abroad after the end of the transition period.

They can take us out of Europe but they can’t take Europe out of us.

4 min read
On why Brexit is a discrimination project that takes away EU citizens’ equal rights, and why the3million will keep fighting in favour of physical documents that would prove their right to stay in their homes.
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