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Otto English

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  • London, UK.
London based writer, retired trouble-maker and semi-professional irritant.

Ladybird Libertarians: Dan Hannan, Paddington and the pernicious impact of 1970s children’s literature on Brexit thinking.

8 min read
How 1970s kids books formed the intellectual basis for Brexit. In essence “Ladybird books” were a kind of propaganda but we never noticed — and a lot of people still haven’t. (Warning: “May contain Dan Hannans.”)

Fishy Facts — Three things about the UK fishing industry that Mr Farage would rather you didn’t know.

4 min read
One of the more peculiar aspects of this on-going Brexit saga is the role ‘fish’ have played in the debate.

Daydream Belizers: Brexit, big sugar and the bad boys from Belize.

5 min read
In June 2016 a perfect storm of ‘interests’ managed to convince the British people to vote to Leave the EU. Among those ‘interests’ was “big sugar”.

Hate Britain – How Theresa May’s ‘hostile environment’ conspired to ruin the lives of a young family.

4 min read
One family’s depressing and Kafkaesque struggle to stay together, as the Home Office computer repeatedly says NO — all for the sake of a hundred pounds.

Corbyn must go!

3 min read
Corbyn should quit before Labour is destroyed. He has prevaricated and vacillated – but he has not led. And Britain is in desperate need of opposition.

What could Brexit Hell look like?

3 min read
I have worked out what Brexit Hell would be like. Easily disturbed look away now...

Majority of British people don’t know who their MP is... so, how can they be expected to understand Brexit?

4 min read
Otto English on how politicians treating the British public like nine-year olds has led people to vote Leave, and why it must stop.
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