Parents United

Parents United

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Parent-led campaign to prioritise the safety of children & education workers to curtail the spread of COVID-19 by pressurising for a safe, well-planned & transparently communicated return to schools.

Shunned by society for keeping ourselves safe – Life of a clinically vulnerable family.

5 min read
In the UK, COVID-19 risk to vulnerable people is ignored or minimised. Unnecessary deaths are accepted, even justified. As if the death of vulnerable people was less important and their lives less valuable. When have we stopped caring in this country?

Open letter to Boris Johnson – Your government is playing roulette with my husband’s life.

4 min read
“Your government has taken away every mitigation that kept my husband safe. Young adolescents not being vaccinated impacts the entire population, including people like my husband.”

Crying for not being able to protect my children.

2 min read
“I tried to protect my children – now I am being forced to send them in by a government that has done nothing to keep them safe.”

Open letter on vaccination consent for young people.

3 min read
A call for responsibility in media coverage, internet content and social media administration.

Vaccination and ventilation for children – Government’s dither and delay is failing children.

4 min read
The UK government’s dither and delay is failing to protect our nation from the unfettered transmission of Covid-19 among a mostly unvaccinated school-age population, and the threat which resultant variants may pose to the vaccination strategy, worldwide.

No one is safe until every school is safe.

8 min read
Reopening schools in September without proper mitigations places children at an ever-increasing risk of becoming infected with Covid-19.

‘Freedom’ at any cost – Being a Clinically Vulnerable family has left us invisible.

5 min read
My children are not being heard or considered by the government in any of its policy decisions which affect them. We have seemingly become invisible.
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