Paul Bernal

Paul Bernal

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  • Cambridge & Norwich, UK.
UEA Law Senior Lecturer in Information Technology, Intellectual Property and Media Law. Writes about privacy, human rights, politics and the internet…

Impartiality and the BBC…

9 min read
A well-balanced argument on the BBC and impartiality... a critical issue right now as, in order to be seen to be impartial, it looks as though the BBC has let the requirement for accuracy slip, and potentially to a dangerous degree.

Brexit, Remainers and Labour — A call for unity.

3 min read
Professor Paul Bernal on why he thinks Britain needs both a left-wing Labour government and a way to either stop Brexit or get a less damaging Brexit that accepts freedom of movement.

A few words on the University strike…

5 min read
A few words by UEA Law Senior Lecturer Paul Bernal about why he is on strike today.

Free speech, safe spaces and hypocrisy.

3 min read
The unedifying ‘scuffle’ at Jacob Rees-Mogg’s appearance at the University of the West of England has provoked a great deal of reaction – some of it distinctly over-the-top.
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