Professor Paul Whiteley

Professor Paul Whiteley

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  • Colchester, UK.
Professor, Department of Government, University of Essex. Research interests: examining nature & significance of political participation, understanding causes & effects of public opinion on politics.

Skyrocketing unemployment is bad news for Boris Johnson.

5 min read
History shows that governing parties lose support when jobs are lost. Large increases in unemployment due to coronavirus will make life difficult for Johnson in the months ahead.

After Dominic Cummings: The real threat to Boris Johnson’s premiership is the coming economic crisis.

5 min read
The Prime Minister is banking on people forgetting about his latest scandal by the time the election rolls around. But a far more serious threat lies ahead.

Why Boris Johnson should stick to his β€˜one nation’ promise and resist the urge to swing to the right.

4 min read
There is speculation over what the PM actually needs to do to hold on to his new voters.

Ditch the people or policy? What historic trends suggest Labour needs to do next.

4 min read
The leadership insists the manifesto was not the problem in 2019 – but are they sure?

2019 election polls: How to understand a confusing picture in the last days of the campaign.

4 min read
Tactical voting and shifting party allegiances mean the final week could change everything.

These four decisions by the opposition could deliver Boris Johnson a majority in this election.

4 min read
Things could have been quite different if Jeremy Corbyn swung more decisively to Remain or if Jo Swinson hadn’t been in such a rush to the polls.

UK election: Head to the polls in haste, repent the result at leisure.

4 min read
On one hand, the Conservatives are experiencing a poll bounce. On the other, well, everything else.
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