Peter Andersen

Peter Andersen

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  • Liverpool, UK.
PhD Candidate in Politics, University of Liverpool. Focus: how voters evaluate party leaders, understanding change in fortunes & how feelings towards party leaders can change during 'short campaign'.

How many voters really switch parties in British elections? What the evidence tells us.

4 min read
The British electorate is volatile but one party has to benefit more than the others for that to actually affect the outcome.

What next for Labour and Jeremy Corbyn as the party stays neutral on Brexit?

4 min read
In trying to please everyone, Labour could lose votes on both sides of the Brexit divide.

Jeremy Corbyn — Election study data suggests Labour leader faces a tougher struggle than in 2017.

4 min read
Voters have less faith in the Labour leader’s suitability to lead than they did after his 2017 successes.
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