Peter R. Licari

Peter R. Licari

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  • Gainesville, FL, USA.
A PhD student in Political Science at the University of Florida specializing in American Politics, Political Behavior, and Political Methodology.

The price of a politician.

10 min read
Shortly after the tragedy at Stoneman Douglas high school, the figure $1.05 had been popping up quite frequentlyβ€Šβ€”β€Šespecially in connection to Florida senator Marco Rubio. It turns out that Rubio, staunchly pro-gun, had received $3,303,355 worth of electoral help from the NRA.

The significance of Oprah 2020 isn’t IF she’s running. It’s that she’d WIN.

5 min read
She’s not running, but her potential speaks volumes about 2018.
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