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COVID-19 in the world — Flattened curve or upward trajectory?

3 min read
This is where the number of coronavirus cases and deaths is still growing fast in the world today.

Who is reopening schools?

1 min read
A billion students are still hit by school closures in the world.

Coronavirus causes GDP contraction around the world.

2 min read
GDP figures for the second quarter of 2020 are slowly rolling in and the impact the coronavirus has had on economies around the world is fairly catastrophic.

Where activists are being killed around the world.

1 min read
Research shows 212 people were killed worldwide as a result of conflicts over resources in 2019 – the highest number recorded in a single year.

Tech giants shrug off Covid-19 crisis.

1 min read
Whilst Amazon logically grew its revenue during the pandemic, Apple, Google and Facebook have surprisingly shown a relative immunity against the coronavirus crisis.

Covid-19 – The tale of two unions.

2 min read
Excluded from the lifting of EU travel restrictions, the trajectory of the United States’ Covid-19 outbreaks compared to the European bloc couldn’t be any more different.

Biden has a 10-point lead over Trump nationally.

1 min read
Latest polls between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden continue to show a steady lead for the former vice president nationally.
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