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2/3 of Brits say government hasn’t done everything it could to protect them from COVID-19.

2 min read
A new YouGov poll shows that 66% of the UK population thinks that the government has not done everything it could to protect the public from the coronavirus.

Second wave of coronavirus wears on in Europe.

3 min read
The second wave of COVID-19 is dragging on in Europe.

What Americans think of the January 6 riots.

4 min read
As nearly half of Republicans approve of Capitol riots, two thirds of Americans blame Trump for Capitol riots and majority of people support removing Trump before Biden takes office.

Should restrictions remain on people who get vaccinated?

2 min read
Some people believe that once they get vaccinated they can just forget about coronavirus restrictions. Most, however, seem to understand that vaccines don’t signal the end of the restrictions.

28 days later: The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccination process.

1 min read
How long does it take to achieve full immunity in the case of a successful vaccination?

Where do Climate Change deniers live?

3 min read
A list of the countries with the biggest share of Climate Change deniers and believers.

U.S. billionaires gained $1 trillion since the pandemic started.

2 min read
American billionaires haven’t been just immune to the pandemic, they have been thriving in it, drastically increasing their collective wealth.
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