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The most trusted professions in Britain.

1 min read
What are the most and the least trusted professions in Britain? A new survey shows British people trust people in the following professions to tell the truth.

Coronavirus riskiest activities.

1 min read
This is a list of the current coronavirus riskiest activities according to over 500 epidemiologists and health professionals.

Trump is the GOP favourite in 2024.

2 min read
While Donald Trump and his allies continue to make their illusory case for mass election fraud, privately it seems the president has accepted defeat and is looking to the future.

Who would make the best prime minister?

1 min read
A further indicator of Boris Johnson’s wavering popularity through the Covid-19 crisis.

Do Americans support rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement?

1 min read
Two weeks ago, the United States formally left the Paris Climate Agreement, becoming the first country to ever leave an international pact on climate change.

US Election — The key issues Americans voted on.

1 min read
Exit polls shed light on the decisive issues in voters’ decision in the 2020 presidential election.

More Trump supporters plan to vote on Election Day.

1 min read
How Democrat and Republican voters planned to vote in today’s presidential election.
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