Professor Tanja Bueltmann

Professor Tanja Bueltmann

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  • Newcastle, UK.
Professor of History & Faculty Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor Knowledge Exchange. Faculty of Arts Design & Social Sciences, Northumbria University. Migration & diaspora history. Anti-Brexit campaigner.

Being made a persona non grata.

5 min read
Professor Tanja Bueltmann’s participation at the recent People’s Vote rally in Edinburgh unleashed, from a minority of supporters of Scottish independence, the worst abuse she has ever seen in intensity, scope and duration. As she is about to take a break from Twitter as a result, here is her story.

Brexit is personal: The human cost of two years in limbo.

4 min read
Two years ago today, 51.9% of the participating UK electorate voted to leave the European Union, out of a turnout of 72.2%. EU citizens living in Britain and many British citizens in the EU had no say in the consultation despite being the most affected by the decision.

Open Letter to Theresa May — Brexit negotiations and “the interests of citizens”.

5 min read
Professor Tanja Bueltmann on why the Prime Minister should not mention “the interests of citizens” and “heart” in the same sentence.

Female, foreign and fighting Brexit? It is no joyride.

5 min read
From Gina Miller to Anna Soubry, female anti-Brexit campaigners and commentators have long since been faced with a barrage of abuse and threats. Professor Tanja Bueltmann shares with us her experience of what it means to be an EU citizen — a foreigner — and a woman taking a stand against Brexit.

Open Letter to Brexiters — What it is like to be a female anti-Brexit campaigner.

3 min read
Want to know what it is like to be a female anti-Brexit campaigner who happens to be an EU citizen and dares to open her mouth to speak at a #WomenAgainstBrexit event?
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