Professor Tanja Bueltmann

Professor Tanja Bueltmann

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  • Newcastle, UK.
Professor of History & Faculty Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor Knowledge Exchange. Faculty of Arts Design & Social Sciences, Northumbria University. Migration & diaspora history. Anti-Brexit campaigner.

Being made a persona non grata.

5 min read
Professor Tanja Bueltmann’s participation at the recent People’s Vote rally in Edinburgh unleashed, from a minority of supporters of Scottish independence, the worst abuse she has ever seen in intensity, scope and duration. As she is about to take a break from Twitter as a result, here is her story.

Brexit is personal: The human cost of two years in limbo.

4 min read
Two years ago today, 51.9% of the participating UK electorate voted to leave the European Union, out of a turnout of 72.2%. EU citizens living in Britain and many British citizens in the EU had no say in the consultation despite being the most affected by the decision.

Open Letter to Theresa May β€” Brexit negotiations and β€œthe interests of citizens”.

5 min read
Professor Tanja Bueltmann on why the Prime Minister should not mention β€œthe interests of citizens” and β€œheart” in the same sentence.

Female, foreign and fighting Brexit? It is no joyride.

5 min read
From Gina Miller to Anna Soubry, female anti-Brexit campaigners and commentators have long since been faced with a barrage of abuse and threats. Professor Tanja Bueltmann shares with us her experience of what it means to be an EU citizen β€” a foreigner β€” and a woman taking a stand against Brexit.

Open Letter to Brexiters β€” What it is like to be a female anti-Brexit campaigner.

3 min read
Want to know what it is like to be a female anti-Brexit campaigner who happens to be an EU citizen and dares to open her mouth to speak at a #WomenAgainstBrexit event?
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