Rashmee Roshan Lall

Rashmee Roshan Lall

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  • London, UK & Tunis, Tunisia.
Journalist by trade & inclination. World affairs columnist.

MAGA: In Trumpspeak, an aspirational euphemism for Republicanism?

3 min read
This is the last week that we need to invest Donald Trump’s pronouncements with the solemn weight that comes of where he stands. So here goes.

1/6, 9/11, and the threat of terrorism.

4 min read
Could 1/6 – the day of the Trump-incited US Capitol siege – be the harbinger of a 9/11-type attempt to attack America?

Coup Klux Klan. The headline that said it all came from India.

3 min read
The nuanced way the world understood Donald Trump’s racially charged call to a mob to march on the US Capitol is best summed up in one headline.

Museveni’s Uganda: A template for presidents who don’t want to leave office.

3 min read
Does any of this sound familiar? A president who refuses to leave office and will do just about anything to make it happen. Compliant legislators who coddle the man. A quarrel with big tech, which is trying to rein the administration in.

Trump is a political David Koresh.

3 min read
Comparing Donald Trump to death cult leader David Koresh points to two events that were both a tragedy and an atrocity, both caused largely by the maniacal and delusional actions of one man.

Only time will tell the real toll of the siege incited by Mr Trump.

3 min read
The attack on the Capitol, encouraged by Donald Trump, that took place in the middle of a pandemic, may have been a Covid-19 superspreader event.

Joe Biden, convener of the free world?

3 min read
Donald Trump being occasionally referred to as the β€œleader of the free world” was a lazy habit indulged in by the western media.
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