Rashmee Roshan Lall

Rashmee Roshan Lall

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  • London, UK & Tunis, Tunisia.
Journalist by trade & inclination. World affairs columnist.

What Hungary does today, America does tomorrow?

4 min read
Perhaps Hungary’s model of “illiberal democracy” isn’t a template so much as a reaffirmation of the road being taken by the American Right.

What’s with the Gallic ire?

3 min read
France is hopping mad that the US, UK and Australia have announced a new three-way defence alliance.

Had it been Brexit in 2005, there would have been no ‘British’ success at the US Open.

2 min read
Britain is celebrating Emma Raducanu’s stunning success as “the first British woman to win a singles grand slam since Virginia Wade in 1977”. But what would have happened had the UK left the EU a decade earlier?

What’s at stake for Afghan women?

5 min read
As many fear the Taliban could undo a generation of gains, Rashmee Roshan Lall recalls the experiences of the women she met while working in Afghanistan.

Three takeaways from the Taliban’s return to Kabul.

3 min read
For two decades the Afghan government didn’t care about its people enough to look after the country better, while the United States refused to be forced to eat humble pie.

Whether or not football’s coming home, there’s a limit to sport’s transformative power.

3 min read
If England wins its first major football tournament in 55 years, it will be seen as a sign of post-Brexit national resurgence.

How Canada became ‘warmer than Dubai’.

5 min read
The link between global warming and heatwaves is becoming less debatable every year.
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