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Sharing stories of Leave voters who have changed their minds on Brexit now that they have facts.

Open Letter to Liz Truss — Are you still saying people have not changed their minds?

4 min read
Liz Truss, who herself changed her mind on Brexit to become a Brexiter (perhaps for careerist reasons), claimed “no one” has changed their minds on Brexit. She uses the claim as an argument against a People’s Vote. Shall we look at the evidence, then?

Open Letter to Gloria De Piero — I changed my mind over Brexit. Time to change your mind too.

3 min read
Anna voted Leave in 2016, but she is a Remainer Now. She recently wrote to Gloria De Piero after the Labour MP asked on live TV to hear from more regretful Leavers so she could come out for a People’s Vote.

I voted Leave. I want a second referendum, with the option to remain.

2 min read
This is the email Leave voter Lance wrote to Labour MP Tonia Antoniazzi last month, in which he explains why he has become a RemainerNow, and his concerns about a No-Deal Brexit.

I voted Leave — Hardest thing is to realise and accept it was a mistake.

1 min read
Willie voted Leave in 2016. He believed what the Leave campaign wrote on its infamous big red bus. But he has come to realise it was a mistake and is a Remainer Now who would change his vote in a second referendum.

I voted Leave – I hate myself for believing the lies.

2 min read
Jen, a teacher from Southampton, voted Leave in 2016. She slowly started to see Brexit becoming nothing like what was promised to voters like her. She also understands the EU better now. Jen is a Remainer Now.

I voted Leave to give the UK more money for the NHS — It was all but lies.

2 min read
Ross from Liverpool voted Leave in 2016, but he then realised that Vote Leave lied during their campaign. He is a Remainer Now and wants the opposition parties to work together to stop Boris Johnson.

I voted Leave in 2016 — I really have been very stupid!

3 min read
This is Lisa from Wakefield in West Yorkshire. She voted Leave in the 2016 Referendum, but she regrets her vote and is a Remainer Now. She wants a People’s Vote to have a final say on Brexit.
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